Kalyan Morning is an Indian Online Matka Game, Over 10 Million people play this game all over India. If you Also Play this Matka Game then check out the Results. If the resulting number Matches your Lucky Number then you can Win Huge Money.

The game is played between 11 AM to 12 PM every day. Satta Matka is a very famous game in India, Kalyan Morning is one of the most popular Games of Satta Matka.

This game is organized by DPBoss, Where people spend their money on the Indian Cotton Exchange Market’s Opening and Closing Numbers. You have to choose Numbers of 2 characters which is also called Jodi Number.

If you invest 100 Rupees on a Jodi Number and if you win the game then you will get a return of about 5000 Rupees. This game also very High IOR.

Here is the result of the Today Kalyan Morning Game.


If you lose the game today, Don’t worry, and better luck next time.


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