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Home News Govt. Of India Warns You! Check These GBWhatsApp Alternatives

Govt. Of India Warns You! Check These GBWhatsApp Alternatives

Govt. Of India Warns About GBWhatsApp Stealing your Data, Check these safe GBWhatsApp alternatives Today.

GBWhatsApp Alternatives

Governments of India and Other Country’s Security Councils Warns users to Not to use Fake GBWhatsApp. The are Stealing your Privet Data Like Messages, Contacts, Bank Details Etc. The Effected GBWhatsApp by HeyMods and GbwhatsApp.downlaod website. if you are already using their WhatsApp mods, Then delete them as soon Ass possible and use these Safe

If you are using GBWhatsApp but Want to shift from that to a New WhatsApp Mods then you are at the right Place. Today Here we will tell you the top 5 Best GBWhatsApp Alternatives that gives you Same features.

Recently a News by the Govt of India has been Published that GBWhatsApp is Stealing user’s Data. That’s it is important to Change your WhatsApp to another Safe and Secure WhatsApp. Due to Few features most of you do not want to Shift to the Original WhatsApp Messenger. In that case you will think about GBWhatsApp Alternatives, Is Not?

That’s why we are Writing this Article to Tell you that there is not only GBWhatsApp as a Single Option. There are more than 100+ WhatsApp Mod Available in the Internet. The problem is all of them are not Safe to use, So Among them we have chosen these 5 WhatsApp mods:

Safe GBWhatsApp Alternatives

  • GBWhatsApp Pro
  • AeroWhatsApp
  • OGWhatsApp
  • FMWhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Plus

Note: If you use GBWhatsApp by HeyMODs, then Uninstall it immediately. Also if you Download any GBWhatsApp from a Site(gbwhatsapp.downlaod) then these both GBWhatsApp are Fake and contain Viruses. These 2 Type of WhatsApp Mod is not Safe and Stealing your Data.

Now Question will come where I can Download those Safe GBWhatsApp Alternatives? Well don’t have to worry about it I’m giving you the Download links of All GBWhatsApp Alternatives.

Modded by AlexMODs

GBWhatsApp Pro

Modded by FMMODs


Modded by AlexMODs

OGWhatsApp Pro

Modded by AeroMODs


Modded by AlexMODs

WhatsApp Plus

Be Safe and Secure your online Privacy with these Safe GBWhatsApp Alternatives. Hope you found this content helpful, Do share with your friends and Let them know about it.

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